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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Get in-depth data and analytics on banks, insurance companies and non-bank financial institutions

Access specialized intelligence on everything from global financial institutions, global insurance companies, and emerging financial technology companies.

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Global Banks & Financial Services
Asset Quality – Loan portfolio detail, aging of days past due, individual and collective impairment on loans, classified/criticized loans
Capital Detail – Standard & Advanced approaches for Basel III (including Risk Weighted Assets)
Fair Value/Carrying Value of Financial Assets & Liabilities
Average Balance Detail
Interest Yields & Costs
Loan & Deposit Compositions
Financial Assets & Liabilities by security instruments and accounting treatment (AFS, Trading, HTM)

Global Insurance
Investment Detail – Investment portfolio by instruments, credit ratings, and accounting treatment
Underwriting Analysis – Underwriting metrics for the Life and Health and the General Insurance businesses
Solvency – Detailed capital analysis around Solvency and supporting calculations & sensitivities
Embedded Value of Life Business – Includes detailed line item aggregation and changes in embedded value sensitivities
Distribution channels – Breakdown of business by channel segments

All of Market Intelligence’s sector-specific data. Get a clear picture of your industry with access to a wide range of sector-focused data, including Technology, Media, Telecom, Commodities and Real Estate.

Research with SNL Financial Institutions data

Global Financial Stability Report, October 2016. Fostering Stability in a Low-Growth, Low-Rate Era, (International Monetary Fund)

Why Bank Earnings Reports Might Be Old News, R. Tracy, Wall Street Journal

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